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after two or three minutes, I started to feel like it was hypnotising me. I was losing my balance… I was going back and forwards like a drunk man.

At some points as you start to realise that you’re in control I think you start to feel frustrated because you want more control, if that makes sense.

I was kind of hypnotised towards the end… I wasn’t paying attention to anything. I wasn’t thinking about much, which makes a change.

I kept moving my eyes and it wouldn’t move anything, it just kept going about doing its own thing. Then a few minutes in I realised that it was lighting up the ones that I was looking at, but I was expecting it to move to where I was looking.

you felt immersed in it because it was surrounding you. It was very tactile, almost.

When you’re trying to elevate the other ones and they just don’t follow. You just start finding the patterns that are happening.

It felt, at times, as though the particles were following my eyes, but other times it felt like they weren’t. I wondered, on a couple of occasions, whether I was imagining it.